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COVID 19 Important information

Please note that on 17 March the Church of Scotland advised against gathering for church services. Until further notice we will not be opening our doors for worship, but will be seeking new ways to do church together. Please keep checking here for updates, as well as lots more posts on our Facebook page. This closure applies to all church groups including Toddlers.

This Sunday and staying in touch

This Sunday morning at 11am you will be able to join a service on the BVC Facebook page. The service is led by Fiona Tweedie and will include a children’s address, reading, prayers and sermon. At 12 noon there will be a live communion. This will not be recorded. Please make sure you have something ready (does not need to be bread and wine) so we can join together in this way.

On Weekdays at 14:30 join us using the same link for ‘Thought for the day’ and prayer (can also be viewed at a later time).

Remember that through this time we are here for each other, so please phone the office or emergency number if you need help: 07902 965522


The Ministry team


Curious about Barclay Viewforth Church? Explore the website to learn something about the people who worship here and some of the activities we are involved in as we seek to live our lives following the example of Jesus Christ.

“Making known God’s love in Jesus Christ.”

Here at Barclay Viewforth Church of Scotland, in Edinburgh, we are an all-age Church Family who love God and want to fulfil our mission statement (above) in sharing that love with our local community and beyond, through mission and ministry.

What we do

We worship, we serve, we pray, we do a lot of eating together (and with others), and much more.

Our regular Sunday services are 11am – Morning Worship and 6.30pm – Evening Service.

You can find past sermons on our website.

As a church we also like to accompany people on their journey through life and offer a range of missional communities (groups) where like-minded people can grow as disciples and enjoy friendship and support.

Introducing our new Minister, Rev David Clarkson

Want to know more?

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