Members of the congregation gathered on Blackford Hill on Easter Sunday, view of Edinburgh in the background



Curious about Barclay Viewforth Church? Explore the website to learn something about the people who worship here and some of the activities we are involved in as we seek to live our lives following the example of Jesus Christ.

“Making God’s love known through Jesus Christ.”

Here at Barclay Viewforth Church of Scotland, in Edinburgh, we are an all-age Church Family who love God and want to fulfil our mission statement (above) in sharing that love with our local community and beyond, through mission and ministry.

What we do

We worship, we serve, we do a lot of eating together (and with others), and much more.

2 New sermon series

The Road to Recovery – Sundays at 11.00

Taking a step by step walk through the Beatitudes we’ll read/listen to what Jesus is saying with fresh eyes and reflect on how these words can help us improve our daily lives and walk with God.

The Prayer Course – Sundays at 6.30

Our Evening Gatherings will be focussing on prayer in the coming weeks – something we should all do regularly, but something which is often shunted out in the general busyness of daily life. Time to re-focus.

If you are unable to join us on any Sunday you can usually find Sunday’s sermons on our website.

Want to know more?

Read our blog or social media pages.  Listen to a sermon. Come along and get to know us. Contact us for more information.

Vacancy for a Pastoral Associate (part-time)

We’re on the look out for a new member of staff. Might you fit the bill? More information can be found here.

Already part of Barclay Viewforth Church?

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