What We Believe

Sam Torrens, our previous Minister, set out the particular focus of Barclay Viewforth:

Barclay Viewforth logo

“In describing Barclay Viewforth to you, I think I would go beyond using the usual terms such as “friendly”, and “Bible centred”, though true, and go straight to our logo to describe ourselves. It visually articulates who we are and why we are here. Allow me to share what I see in it:

Symbol of the Cross found in the Barclay Viewforth logo

Firstly, I see discipleship. The casual observer will quickly notice that the logo is a B with a Cross. The B is, of course, for Barclay Viewforth and the Cross reminds us that we are a congregation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the centre. The summons to take up our crosses daily and follow Him, who went to the Cross for us, lies at the heart of our faith. The question of why we should choose to follow the way of Jesus rather than one of the many religious or spiritual alternatives is answered through the belief that in doing so we are becoming by God’s grace the kind of people God intends us to be.

Numerals one and three found in the Barclay Viewforth logo

Secondly, I see relationships. If, rather than a B with a Cross, you see instead a 3 with a 1 then the logo has not failed but has succeeded in taking us to another dimension of who we are, for essentially, we are a church that believes in a God who is three in one. We call this the Trinity. God, we believe, is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, dwelling together as three distinct persons in perfect Divine oneness. Before anything was ever made God existed as three persons in one, reminding us that the relational lies at the heart of God and comes before everything else. This works itself out in our commitment to developing relationships within the life of the Church, bringing people together in friendships offering care and support when needed.

Heart shape found in the Barclay Viewforth logo

Thirdly, I see God’s love being made known in Jesus Christ. A close and careful look at the logo may well reveal to the observer the outline of an open heart lying at the centre of the logo merging with the background. We believe that Love (agape) fills the heart of the triune God and His heart is open to us and to all. This love shared between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit spills over into the world and it is our calling to experience it, understand it, and share it locally and globally through mission and ministry. This love takes us back, of course,  to the Cross of Jesus for here the love of God has been most amazingly and wonderfully displayed in all its redeeming and reconciling wonder. So we return to the B with the Cross and to our core calling to be followers of Jesus today.

In this simple logo lies the essence of who we are and why we exist.

I hope you enjoy exploring the website, and it would be great to welcome you to the church.”

Rev. Sam Torrens, Minister

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