Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Visitors to Connect Plus

This week we were excited to have four visitors from Peebles Old Parish Church, where they are planning to set up a similar group.

We were on our best behaviour! One of the group brought along his guitar, so joined Matt in leading the worship with gusto. Fortunately he noticed that the tune for one of the songs was not the one we normally sing – so for that one we did a cappella. The story was of Joseph, and how God was always there for him through the ups and downs of his eventful life. A spot of drama ensued, with four separate Josephs required, after which we were more than ready for our tea.

Jean Macauley had made a delicious banana loaf, and as it was the day after Marie Sneddon’s birthday there was also chocolate cake, so energy was restored. For the first time we managed to achieve a sharing of news round the table one by one – something we had not until now mastered the art of organising. It was lovely having some guests, and our doors are always open every second Tuesday during school terms; come along and join the fun.

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