Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

The Place to ‘B’ – summer fun

Making God’s love known at Home and Away

A few months ago the BVC Comms Team issued a challenge – for people to take the BVC logo with them and take some photos of The Place to B. The challenge seemed to capture the imagination and more than 80 entries came back into the church office. We’ve also heard some interesting stories about conversations had with people as the photographs were being taken.

You can see where The Place to B is on our video clip (set to Matt Redman’s tune: Blessed Be Your name )


It was hard to decide on winners but eventually we decided on the following:

The furthest travelled B – The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China









Holding the BVC logo (a B) against a signpost for Edinborough
Place the B



Placing the B in the word – Edinborough, Canada





Isobel at homeThe Place to B – God’s love starts at home (as seen with our friend Isabel Glass)






John Barclay with the BSpecial prize – for John BARCLAY, Scottish Rugby player, holding the Barclay B at Murrayfield.








Parking ticket




Special collection – for the place NOT to B.





Many thanks to all who took part.


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