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The Net Big Day Out: Option 1 Blair Drummond Safari Park

Written by Leanne Wilson

On 28th March 2015 a large group from The Net met at Blair Drummond Safari Park for fun, sharing and lunch. Annaliese and I were delighted as it was Annaliese’s 2nd birthday and although we could only stay for a short time we got to see all of our friends. Everyone arrived late morning and had some time to visit the animals and wander around. Annaliese and I headed straight for the sea lions and were able to join lots of our group. The children, big and little, enjoyed the sea lions showing off and they really seemed to like performing for us! Afterwards everyone has fun on the slides before heading for lunch. Clare, Esther and Elspeth had baked a lovely cake for Annaliese and once we had a wonderful rendition of happy birthday Annaliese I took great delight in sharing the cake with everyone (it was absolutely delicious!) Everyone was very impressed that the lions were out in force to meet us as we drove around in our cars. Annaliese, Michael and I thought they were a bit too interested in us! Most people met up for dinner later on (with the group who went walking) and I know from the photographs that lots of fun was shared.

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