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The Grove – Seeds sown yesterday, bearing fruit tomorrow

The Grove

An introduction to Barclay Viewforth Church


We are looking for your help on Sunday the 2nd October. Our mission statement ‘Making God’s love known in Jesus Christ’ has been around for a number of years now. In an effort to equip ourselves to do this more fully we are launching The Grove.

What is The Grove?

As part of our annual vision Sunday we will be having our inaugural general premiere of The Grove. The Kirk session have gone through a pilot of this and strongly recommend it for all current members and people interested in becoming part of our Church family. The Grove is/will be an introduction for new people to our church for years to come so we want it to be as helpful and relevant as possible. Therefore we would love as many as possible of the current church family who count BVC as their home church to come through The Grove as possible and give us feedback and review of its content.

We would ask as many of you as possible to plan ahead and stay on after the church family lunch to attend The Grove, for three reasons:

  • For information around our family life and opportunities
  • For encouragement of all the good news stories developing in our midst.
  • To give feedback of how we can improve and tweak the contents of The Grove to bless and welcome new church family members.

Be sure to keep the date and sign up early to step aside into ‘The Grove’. If this date does not suit there will be other dates ahead, but if you could step into this one it would be very helpful.

God Bless

Iain Sutherland

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