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Taste Update

Laura Goswami writes:

Taste, Barclay Viewforth’s missional community for students, is currently going through a period of change.  We had a swap-over of leadership back in September and we’re trying to find how best to work out the up-in-out cycle of missional communities as students.  We haven’t quite got this sorted yet but what we’re trying to do is to build a community where we can learn and grow closer to God together whilst friends and flatmates can see the kinds of lives we lead and are comfortable to ask questions and want to know more.

As a group of students people are always coming and going: on exchanges, years abroad and of course going home for the weekend and for the holidays, even so we have a small but steady core of young people which has been key in getting Taste up on its feet.

Throughout this year we’ve had games nights, a trip to the Christmas markets and a few trips to Nandos as well as regular Bible studies and worship nights together.

One of the events we’ve been to is the Saltyard sessions, a very chilled concert at the Saltyard cafe in Dalry.  A small group went back in November and loved it so last week we decided to make an evening of it with a meal together beforehand and a trip to the pub afterwards.  The concert itself was a mix of folky worship music with three different bands performing and included free baking(!) and a country version of ‘Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning’ which I haven’t been able to get out of my head since.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we think of Barclay Viewforth as our church family; we’re probably the least organised member of that family (as Janet and Elaine will be able to tell you) but we’re no less passionate about sharing God’s love and extending the family we’ve found here to our fellow students.

Laura Goswami.

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