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Summer “Break-Out” for Evening Gathering

“We’re all going on a summer holiday….”

…as in we are having a wee holiday from BVC in the summer. Let me explain further….

During July (5-26 inclusive) our Evening Gathering, which usually meets at 6:30pm will be “breaking out” to visit other churches. This will allow musicians and others normally involved with the services to have a break and for everyone to enjoy a different type of worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ across the city.

Our plan is still to meet together, either at BVC and travel together or meet people at the church listed for that evening (which may be easier for some people to do). Ideally we would enjoy worship and then meet socially for a coffee (or something) after.

The list below has a note of venue, service & meeting times. One of the Ministry Team will be the point of contact should you have any questions. Alternatively call the church office for more information.

Please note that there may be a change in the programme due to circumstances beyond our control so please check back here or on the Barclay Viewforth Facebook page for any updates.

Evening Gatherings will resume at BVC on Sunday 2 August at 6:30pm

Have a blessed summer.

July Church Meet BVC Service Contact
5 Central 5.45 6.00/6.30 Jane
12 P’s & G’s 6.15 7.00 Iain
19 Elim 5.45 6.30 Sam
26 Wester Hailes 5.45 6.30


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