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Revival – then and now

from Guest blogger: Linda Garside

I was really excited when the publicity came out advertising the Revival event at BVC, one of a number of events celebrating 150 years of the Word being preached out of the Barclay Church. I remembered the last event Origin Scotland had at Barclay Church in 2007 and the incredible sound of hundreds of voices praising God in our amazing building.

It seemed a long time coming but eventually the evening of the event arrived and on arrival there was definitely a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the building, lots of chairs at the front of the church ready for the musicians and a MASSIVE sound system. As a regular evening service attendee there was something really amazing seeing the downstairs and balcony filling up towards capacity.

As the evening started a number of us who didn’t mind the height were invited to head up to the top balcony with its amazing view over the sanctuary. BV’s acoustics initially challenged the sound crew but this did not deter from the impact of the sound of a couple hundred voices praising God supported by excellent musicians.

The evening had a good mix of traditional hymns and modern worship songs catering to all tastes. The music was as varied as the choice of hymns and incorporated the grand piano, strings, brass and the Exile Praise Band – It’s just a shame the organ didn’t get to join in the fun!

Being at this event gave a wee bit of insight into the energy and power that must have been present when the building first opened when it was regularly used at its full capacity.  What will stay with me is the view from the upper balcony of the front of the Sanctuary with the organ pipes lit from below and the sound of many voices singing “Hallelujah What a Saviour”.

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