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Prospects Skills Refresher Day – 7 March 2015

Marie Sneddon, one of our Connect Plus leaders writes:

On Saturday 7th March a group of hosts from the Connect + Missional Community went to a Prospects Skills Refresher Day in Perth.  We were enthusiastic and eager to take back more experienced people’s ideas about running similar groups. There were representatives of groups from West Calder, Fife, Baillieston, Buckie and Aberdeen.  We were the novices, with the oldest running group having been operating for over 16 years.  Naturally, we took along our notebooks, ready to glean tips on how to make meetings more accessible, inclusive, meaningful and fun.  We were anxious about how to avoid pitfalls, but what we didn’t fully appreciate was that other groups were equally keen to learn from our experiences too!

Within the first few minutes of round the room introductions, we had picked up on echo prayer and scrap books.  Details? How could they be incorporated in our Connect + evenings? Exciting stuff! More info please.  Another issue flagged up was the connections with and support of the host congregation. Yes.. we’re lucky…got that… grateful for Kirk Session and wide congregation support and help.  We’re on a roll.

Next comment…”MUSIC IS A JOY! IT IS SOMETHING OUR GROUP DOES WELL” … …” oh, oh”, think we, “listen up… … tips required, we love singing, but how could we improve?”  Action point – PRAYER.  What for and how to be specific in our delivery?

Following issues raised

  1. How to get all members participating in craft contributions?  Yes, thought about that, and pleased to welcome and acknowledge members’ efforts into our worship time. Going well so far.
  2. How to mentor leaders. Yes, we’re on track here. Four of the seven Connect core group have developed worship leadership roles, had a go successfully and others are prepared to be open to trying.  We won’t be stuck if a worship leader can’t make it one night.”
  3. Vision?  Yes, we’ve got one – ‘ to serve adults with extra needs, through worshipping God together meaningfully and building friendships around shared social times.’ – Thank you Iain Sutherland, Mission Facilitator.

There ended the sitting smugly on our laurels. All the previous encouraging nods and smiles we gave each other were needed first before things to be worked on came to light.  We genuinely thought, “Thank you Lord! Speak your servant is listening”

Each of us could write a pamphlet on what we learnt.  We’ll spare you.  But we do ask for prayer from you (and you’ll see it in the Prayer Circle too).

Thank you for staying the course with this article.  Watch this space.


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