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Prayer for Nepal and Others

During our worship yesterday Julie led the Prayers for Others. Please use this to help you pray for people near and far.

Information from Tearfund

Concerning the recent earthquake in Nepal, Oenone Chadburn, Tearfund Head of Humanitarian Support, says: ‘It’s a worst-case scenario quake – some of these communities are unlikely to be accessed for a week, with landslides also a risk. A slide could affect the course of rivers, creating floods and posing huge additional risk to Bihar, India’s poorest state.

‘We are preparing a response team for travel, and establishing contact with staff and partners in the country. Our work will see us go out of our way to find difficult and remote locations – as part of our call to follow Jesus to the places of very greatest need. However, this brings a whole set of challenges.’

Tearfund Disaster Risk Reduction work with partners in the affected area means that if their buildings are standing they will be responding.

This is the biggest loss of life in Nepal due to an earthquake since one in 1934 killed more than 9,000 people.



Father, we pray for Nepal, and for the disaster unfolding before our eyes.

We pray for speedy and effective rescue efforts to reach those people who are trapped.

We ask that people who are injured will receive treatment quickly.

We pray for Tearfund and Christian Aid partners and workers as they try to get to the people most in need.

We know that people have also been killed in avalanches in the mountains. We pray that serious repercussions such as avalanches and landslides would not take place, but that the land would settle and become stable.

We pray that the rest of the world would be able to provide resources to help avoid a worsening crisis including spread of disease.

Father, we pray for the areas of conflict in our world, some which we hear about and some which we don’t. We particularly remember Syria before you, asking that something significant will happen to stop the fighting. We don’t know how that can happen, but you Lord can make it be so.

We also pray for conflict on smaller scales. We pray for conflict in communities and in families. We pray for those who have conflicts with themselves. At all scales, Lord bring your peace.

Father, we think too about the continuing crisis of people fleeing Africa and crossing the Mediterranean, risking their lives both on land and by sea. The reasons they are leaving will be as numerous as the people, but we pray for Africa, and the instability and danger in many lands. We pray for the upcoming elections in Togo and Burundi, asking for peaceful process, but also justice, and a fair voting system, so that the people receive a fair government. We also pray for the upcoming election in Kazakhstan, one of many countries around the world where the same person has been in power for decades. Again, we pray for freedom for the people to have a choice in who leads them, and although we complain about the unfairness of our own political system, we know that it is a lot fairer than most places around the world.

And so we do pray for our own country in the countdown to 7 May. We pray that politicians here as well as around the world would look not to their own interests, but to the interests of others. We pray for real integrity, and we pray for the government to have long-term vision, not just a short-term goal. We pray for each of us as we have a responsibility to vote. We pray for guidance and clarity in who we should vote for.

Father, we pray for our community and thank you for the places that we live. We pray that each of us would be willing to take part in making our society a better place to live.

We pray for the community here at Barclay Viewforth. Bless us in what we seek to do here, and guide us.

We pray for those in the congregation in need. We pray for the sick, and ask healing and comfort. We pray for the grieving, asking for peace. We pray for all the children, asking for your spirit to guide them throughout their lives. We pray for the ministry team and for all involved in helping this place to function, that they would have all they need from you.

We ask these things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


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