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Online.Church – a new way to connect

A few weeks ago, as part of the Comms team, I was able to be part of the first test-run of Online.Church, a platform especially designed for churches to use when they are publishing video content online.

Having looked at the main website, I was excited by the ideas, but I wasn’t sure if it would be easy enough to use. At 1 pm on test day, I received an email and clicked through to the site, and I was presented with a screen where the service was about to play, and some other people were already greeting one another in the chat space. I didn’t need to register to chat, just give myself a name and start writing. The video started to play, and I could choose to have it full screen or see the chat feed alongside. I could also switch tabs to read the Bible verses for the service.

It was lovely to be able to comment in real-time on the content, and it wasn’t distracting. I found it really easy to use, with nothing that would trip up even the newest of internet users.

One of the things I’ve missed about church is the casual conversation and informal chats. A booked video call is never quite the same!

I’m really excited to join online with our church community and have some casual chats with people before and after we worship together. I hope you will come and join us this Sunday!

Barclay Viewforth Church Online @ 11:00 this and every Sunday

Still not sure? Watch this video showing you all the features of the platform.

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