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News from Connect Plus

This year has flown by so quickly, we are already at the stage of planning the big end of term bash.  This is normally a ceilidh, and while ideas are being bandied about as alternatives, so far nothing has yet come top of the list.

The group has really grown this year, into a well cemented family where leaders and members are nicely blended so that sometimes you would be hard put to know which is which.  We have learned so much from each other, as we have laughed and sung and praised God in usual and sometimes unusual ways.

Sadly at the end of term we will lose Marie Sneddon, who with Sandy has moved on to a different congregation nearer home.  We will miss her lively teaching sessions, her facility with signing and the many ways she has contributed so positively to the group.  Marie has been present from the beginning, taking part constructively in the exploration and planning stage, and she will be greatly missed.

However, this does create an OPPORTUNITY.   Marie has particular skills through her teaching work in schools with children with special needs. There is an OPPORTUNITY for some of the rest of us who have taken rather a back seat to step up (perhaps with trepidation) and take on a more active role in the teaching part of the evening.  There is also an OPPORTUNITY for all you lovely people in the congregation, to come and join us and see what we are up to.  We would love it if you felt able to join the leadership team.  We meet on Tuesday evenings during school terms, from 7 – 9 pm, with one Tuesday evening off in four. We promise not to put you in the hot seat right away…..

As always, we value your prayers as we seek to serve in Connect Plus.


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