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Who is my neighbour? – TCP SOS

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Who is my neighbour?

This question, asked by an expert of the law of Jesus in Luke 10, is one we should all ask ourselves. Jesus answers with the parable of the Good Samaritan, and tells the expert to “Go and do likewise”. Jesus is not only challenging the man but he is challenging us to Love our neighbours too. Last week TCP, took up this challenge…

TCP paint the town….orange!

For 2 days last week it was a privilege to be part of a team who have shown generosity of spirit, heart and time in helping out the local coffee shop owner. More than that, it’s been a practical way of “Making God’s love known” in this community.

TCP (Tollcross Community Pastors) was set up as a missional community just over a year ago, with one of the main aims being to serve the local community, the shopkeepers in particular. We have done this in a variety of ways throughout the year but the start of January saw us taking on our biggest challenge to date. In conversation with Danny, owner of the Treehouse Cafe across the road from the church, he mentioned that he would love to give the cafe a lick of paint but that time, energy and finance meant that it was pretty far down the list of things he wanted to do. After a bit of discussion (& prayer) by the TCP leaders we agreed that if Nick Knowles could raise a DIY SOS ‘army’ then so could we.

We weren’t sure how many folks would come along after several appeals were made, but we knew that God would provide….and He did. Over 2 days 15 BVC folks came along to wield cleaning cloths, paintbrushes and rollers in an effort to help our ‘neighbour’. We shared fun, laughter and numerous cups of delicious coffee. We discovered muscles that we’d forgotten we had and, inevitably, we got covered in paint. ‘Meals on wheels’ delivered the best tasting mac & cheese to the folks working on Monday evening and cakes were delivered on Tuesday too. The sense of community was amazing…even to the regular customers who would put their heads around the door to see the work in progress.

To see Danny’s beaming face on Day 3 when the cafe opened for business was something else. More than that – he took the time to write a few words of thanks on the BVC Facebook page:

“I don’t pretend to be a hugely religious man but I like to think that I can recognise human kindness, generosity and community spirit when I see it. To say that you guys have these attributes in spades would be a massive understatement! Myself, Susan and all at the treehouse cafe cannot express our gratitude enough. The shop’s looking great and that’s thanks to all of you! Couldn’t ask for better neighbours! God bless!”

Thank you to everyone who helped in any way – your efforts were much appreciated.

Please continue to pray for the local shopkeepers and the ongoing building of relationships with TCP.

To view a youtube clip of TCP SOS at work click here.

For more information about TCP please contact the Barclay Viewforth Church Office.

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