The Net

The Net is a group of friends within the family at Barclay Viewforth and you are welcome to join us.  The group has been running since 2000 and for all its members (old and new) it’s a place that we have found a warm welcome, a place to grow, a space to share our faith and our doubts and to find friendships that last.

There are about 30 to 40 adults and nearly 20 small children in the group.  We have a varied program of activities in response to what the folk in the group need.  That might mean a night out or looking at ethical issues arising in our workplaces or organising something child friendly for families with children.
The various strands of the Net at the moment are:

  • eating together (often)
  • regular weekends away
  • a fortnightly evening bible study
  • a fortnightly child-friendly book group
  • story telling session for children

We send out regular emails about what’s on so let us know if you’d like more information.