Missional Communities

Missional Communities are our groups at church that meet as extended family for times of worship, fellowship and outreach. Our Missional Community families gives people exposure to a kind of life that too often has been lost or overlooked today. What the early church knew as home or oikos (Greek), we have lost touch with or neglected in our day — trading the extended family in for the worn down nub of the nuclear family that is incapable of sustaining the life and calling meant to be given to a larger whole.

In a Missional Community, groups of 20-50 people go on mission together and as they do so they learn the art of extended family all over again. We don’t seek these families to be putting on ‘events’ but rather sharing lives together, eating, praying, worshiping, being sociable, leading people to see Jesus, and crucially being a part of each others lives.

We have Missional Communities that meet in different areas, or around different peoples. Have a look at the links on this page for a missional community that would suit you.

  • TCP – Tollcross Community Pastors, working with the local community
  • Connect+ – serving adults with extra needs
  • The Net – a friendly group for adults (some with kids)
  • “Blessing” – a prayer group welcoming visitors into the church
  • “Knit 2 Together” – making things together, especially for those in need