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Dear parents and Kingdom Kids,

days can feel like going on F-O-R-E-V-E-R, now, that school’s out and there are only so many ideas you can come up with, while working, and taking care of many other aspects of life. The kids ministry team will post some ideas, links, jokes and thoughts to shorten the time of the day, providing some creative thoughts, tips and tricks.



Maybe you have heard your Grannie or dad shout out ‘It’s a miracle!’, when something incredible has happened. Some people call it a miracle, when someone becomes healthy again after suffering from a dangerous disease or illness. To some people the passing of a test is a miracle and some call it a miracle when they found something they thought they had lost for good.

The bible tells us about many miracles Jesus did, when he was living here on earth. Miracles are happenings that we cannot explain. Miracles are things that are impossible to do without God. Something happens and changes for the better, but we don’t know how and we see God’s strength and his doing in it. Our great God makes all things beautiful, wild and new!

This week, we learn about Jesus healing a blind person…


Try writing a letter or if you fancy something more challenging, colouring a page with your eyes blind folded.

How did you feel? Were you able to stay in line?

Here is my sad attempt…


Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Jesus tells us a family story to show us what it means to be merciful… and more: he shows us how merciful God is towards us. 

For Mini Quest:

For Quest:

Colouring Pages




Trivia Pursuit Questions

Some new Trivia Questions to test your knowledge…

Trivia Pursuit-Questions

Trivia Pursuit-Answers

Mind-Games: Your EYE is amazing!!

Your Eye can do amazing things! Because of light the eye can see the world that surrounds us. It sends all the information to the brain – constantly. That is why the eyes sometimes get tired in the evening… 😉

But there are ways to trick the eye… check out these optical illusions! What can you see?

Is the corner of the cube pointing up or down?


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