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Dear parents and Kingdom Kids,

days can feel like going on F-O-R-E-V-E-R, now, that school’s out and there are only so many ideas you can come up with, while working, and taking care of many other aspects of life. The kids ministry team will post some ideas, links, jokes and thoughts to shorten the time of the day, providing some creative thoughts, tips and tricks.


Like the sunflower…

The sunflower follows the rising and setting of the sun. All day it has its eyes fixed on the light and warmth it gains from the sunlight. That fuels the sunflower with energy it needs to grow.

In the following weeks, we want to see what it means to follow Jesus, like the sunflower follows the sun. How can we fix our gaze on Jesus our light?

For Mini Quest


For Quest


Sommer Project: Sunflower Competition

Join us for our Sunflower-Competition: Who can grow the tallest Sunflower during the summer?


Elaine: 11 cm long







DIY: Plant your sunflower seed:


Summer Ukulele Workshop

Join us for a fun uke-workshop

20th – 24th July – 10:30 am
For children 7 years and older


Trivia Pursuit Questions

Some new Trivia Questions to test your knowledge…

Trivia Pursuit-Questions 4

Trivia Pursuit-Answers 4



Learn this song with us…

(Musicians are thankful for support; if you like Rend Co, why not purchase their music?)



Join us for the next time we meet for our Kingdom Kids chat online! We meet every fortnight to catch up, play games and have fun together.

Next chat: 19th July at 2:00 pm



Last Week


Jesus turned water into wine. Well, that might be a bit tricky for us. But there are so many amazing things you can do with water…