Children’s Ministry

Quest Clubs: for age 3-11

Quest Clubs  run usually in line with the school year. Children attend church for the first part of the service and then leave for their Quest adventures, returning during the last hymn at the end of the service. Quest Club leaders (who are all disclosed under PVG guidelines) share bible stories, games and activities with the children, making God’s love known to them in a way that is suitable and appropriate for their age group. Children are divided into age group classes (Mini Quest, Junior and Senior).

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NEXT: for age 11-16

NEXT is our group for young people in p7 – s4.  Our normal meetings are on Sunday morning.  After joining with the rest of the church family for the first part of the service, we head out to our own space. Our time together typically includes games, bible study, food, discussions and prayer. We also go to various special events such as bowling, visits to the panto and meals out. We love to have fun, learn about God and encourage each other.

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Creche: for 0-3

Creche facilities are available during Morning Worship in the Chalmers Hall in the Church Centre (this can be accessed via a side door from the church). Parents with babies and toddlers may use this facility at any time during the service, although most will come to the 1st part of the service, leaving when the children/teens leave for Quest/NEXT Clubs. The creche is staffed by parents and other (disclosed) volunteers on a rota basis. There is a live audio link from the service in the hall.

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Thoughts, Tips and Tricks

Dear parents and Kingdom Kids,

days can feel like going on F-O-R-E-V-E-R, now, that school’s out and there are only so many ideas you can come up with, while working, and taking care of many other things. The kids ministry team will post some ideas, links, jokes and thoughts to shorten the time of the day, providing some creative thoughts, tips and tricks.

thought for this week:

When I was kid, I loved building a cave. I would get blankets, pillows, chairs or a laundry rag. And I hang up the blankets and arrange the pillows in my den to make it really cozy. I could spend hours working on my den until it was just like how I imagined it should be. And then I reached that moment: it was finished and I would enter my little, cozy den; equipped with a flash light, a book or audio book. I would feel so safe and comfortable in my little den. Though, in my eyes, it wasn’t a little den anymore – it was a fortress and a refuge.
If you have ever built a den yourself, I’m sure you know exactly the feeling I am talking about. (And if you have never had the chance to build your den – today is the day to try it out.) You feel excited, happy, and safe – nothing can get to you. A cave would sometimes make a good hiding place as well, especially if I smelled trouble waiting around the corner. I would just hide in my cave.

In the prayer book of the bible a man compares God to a place of refuge – like our cave. He had brothers and I am sure he also built caves when he was little and remembered how he felt, when stepping into his little safe place. And he remembers as a grown up, praying and so, teaching us: ‘God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.’ God is our refuge. God is like a place we can hide in. And he hears God responds to his prayer:

My dear child, be still and know that I am God. God turns the light on in the dark and embraces us, like the flashlight we turn on in our cafe. God tells us: Don’t be afraid, I am your place of refuge. Be still and remember who I am: I am with you forever.

Thank you God, that you are our refuge and strength. Thank you that you are an ever-present help in trouble. Amen.


crafts: Origami

Origami means folding paper in Japanese. It is the art of taking a piece of paper and folding it into any shape you can think of, be it a ball, a zebra, a flower and many more.
Let’s try this together…

You will need:

  • any kind of paper in a square-shape
    Tip: you can use A4 printer paper and fold one corner to the long-edge side and cut of the side that remains uncovered after folding:

    Tip: if you use white paper, take some time to colour it

Origami heart

Origami Frog


Not  Afraid – Rend Collective

jokes and riddles:

Who am I?
I melt and I am weak to the heat of a flame.
Lighting darkness is my gift, but, soon devolve to shapeless mess.

If you know the answer, why not draw a picture of it.

riddle – answer for colouring