Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Once a (good) teacher, always so.

I usually learn at least one new thing each time I visit Winnie so was happy to get an invite to go whilst Janet, who usually calls in on her on a Sunday afternoon, was away on holiday. I guess that good teachers don’t lose the knack of passing on knowledge in retirement, even though that was more than 20 years ago in Winnie’s case.  Yesterday, amongst several other things, I found out about the ‘Machair’ fertile plains in the North West of Scotland. It was in amongst a collection of Winnie’s sketches that we were leafing through. She’d shown me these on a previous visit and I was so taken with them that I had asked to see them again. I’m no artist but to me, they capture the mood of places she has visited so well through the colours,shades and other detail. Like the reflections in the water in her sketch of the old church at Tarbert, by loch Nevis which Winnie let me take a snapshot of and share, (-though the photo doesn’t do it justice).  Apparently she had wanted to go to Art College but it wasn’t her only talent and she was persuaded to take Geography instead. Not that I detected that she had any regrets about that. She was just as willing to delve into her collection of O/S maps to show me where the places in her sketches were;my usual panic at the sight of a map was disarmed by her enthusiasm! All this despite the considerable effort involved due to her disability in getting around the flat or even turning pages and speaking.  I learnt a lot that afternoon and not just about geography and art, thank you Winnie!old church at Tarbert, by loch Nevis

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