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Light for the Displaced – Evening Advent Series

Light for the Journey for the Displaced

‘It is far better to light the candle than curse the darkness.’

Rev. William Lonsdale Watkinson (1907)

As we come towards the end of the year the world seems a darker place than at the beginning. It’s a picture of people being displaced from where they are meant to be. Whether it’s people fleeing across Europe away from conflict in Syria, or people escaping gunfire in the streets of Paris, displacement and darkness are not hard to identify.

However, the Christmas story is all about arrival of Jesus, the light of the world, into our dark world and so we are again looking to the light to shine and lead us onward.

We will see the people of God walking in darkness, who need the encouragement of light, receive a welcome prophesy from Isaiah. We will explore the illumination given by the Angel Gabriel, which added to dreams, lead to Mary & Joseph being displaced and needing to flee from violence to Egypt for safety.

The shepherds were hunkering down as societies low life’s on the fields of Bethlehem when light and song bursts forth and following the praising light they are promoted to be the first visitors to the birth of Jesus. Displaced by society structure they are elevated to witness the King of

Kings arrival. Magi or wise men studying the stars are displaced from their ivory towers of learning to travel following starlight guiding them to the Light of the world.

We are all on a journey from darkness into the Light of God’s grace, mercy and peace. So our evening services are an excellent opportunity to walk through advent together through the Christmas
story in our own shoes.

Iain Sutherland

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