Life at BVC

We are one body with many parts, with Christ as our head, as described in the Bible in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthian church, chapter 12 verses 21-31a. As such we continue His work on earth, serving those outside and within the community of faith as He prompts us to do.

Large group of Barclay Viewforth of different ages on Arthurs seat at Easter.

Ages and Stages

0-5 years old, school age, a student or young person, aged 25’s-50’s, seniors, families, everyone, find out what may be of particular interest to you.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Some of our members (and others in the local community) may be in need of some extra support. Find out about the work of our Pastoral Assistants.

local activities

Local Activities

Barclay Viewforth members and friends are involved in either running or participating in a wide range of local activities. These include our weekly Toddlers group; Barclay Viewforth United Football team; the Basics Bank at Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, get an idea of the range of activities we’re involved in.

national activities

National Activities

As a church in a local community in a city we are also aware of things/events which have an effect on us on a national level too. Some of the ways we are involved in activities, events and issues at a national level.

Family in Tanzania with Vine Trust volunteer.

International Activities

Prayer, fundraising events, volunteering overseas – these are some of the ways we can be involved in international activities.

kirk session

Kirk Session

Who or what is the Kirk Session? What is an elder? Find out more about the workings of our church.

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