Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Laboratory of Love

Laboratory of love. One of my favourite descriptions of the church, picked up from our previous Minister, Graham Leitch. I was on the receiving end of it in action on Sunday evening. I’d been let loose on the sound desk for the evening service. I’d had quite a few weeks of expert instruction from Moray and Pip on this box of tricks with its bewildering array of dials and sliders and thought I should be ready to go solo. Wrong!  It wasn’t me that had to suffer the worst of the consequences of course, but the music group. They pressed on with their practice despite the sound being relayed back to them through the monitors being either too loud or not enough and knowing that with their microphones not set right, the congregation wouldn’t be hearing them at their best. Whatever the spiritual battle that I imagine was going on in Scot (-Music Group leader) though, the outcome was nothing less than an extraordinary show of acceptance, reassurance, encouragement – in other words, love!  Scot’s prayer after the abortive ‘sound check’, reminded us that our God accepts the praise of our hearts, even if the ‘joyful noise’ was not up to the usual standard!  He and the rest of the group and others around at the time too (-thank you Elaine, Max, Fiona, Rae, Linda) expressed that amazing ‘in it together’ support that points to the Spirit at work among us. Praise our Father to belong to such a wonderful family! Let this yeast continue to works its way through our relationships and God knows what might happen!

Meanwhile it’s back to the ‘L’ plates as far as the sound desk is concerned!

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  1. Despite all of this the worship (& the rest of the service) were wonderful but a fab reminder of how much goes on behind the scenes!


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