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John Ritchie shares an update on the discussions at Kirk Session over the last few months

New Elders

Thank you to everyone who, earlier in the year, suggested people for consideration as possible new elders. We had a large number of nominations and Session met at the end of April to review these. It was really encouraging to have so many people to consider who would make great elders, and after discussion, we decided that adding seven new elders gave a good balance between old and new members. We would also expect to come back to some of the other names in future for ordination.
I’m very pleased to say that all seven people approached have agreed to serve and they are:

  • Lindsey Anderson
  • Elaine Coull
  • David Craigie
  • Katharine Ellis
  • Kingsley Nwafor
  • Elaine Rumney
  • Andrew Stephenson.

Mission in Lockdown

Kirk Session isn’t the only group using technology to meet ‘virtually’, and we heard reports from the Missional Communities on how they were continuing to share fellowship during the lockdown:

  • The Net has set aside a time each week for prayer and has also arranged children’s activities.
    Connect Plus moved group meetings online and everyone has really enjoyed the chance to catch up over the past few weeks,
  • Tollcross Community Pastors has been able to keep in touch with the shopkeepers and provide pastoral support, and
  • the new BV Creative Group is starting regular ‘Craft and Chatter’ meetings online

Session has also been thinking about how we continue to keep in touch with the additional people who have joined us online, when the lockdown restrictions have eased. How do we keep an online presence and use this for growth and mission? Groups were set up to look at that future thinking, and at the practical questions around moving back into the church building with social distancing in place.

As ever your prayers for all those on Session are appreciated, and please remember the seven named above particularly, and the work in mission and witness across our congregation.

Anyone is welcome to join Kirk Session meetings. If you would like to attend the next meeting, please contact John at for more information.

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