Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Kirk Session Conference

The elders from BVC Kirk Session held a conference yesterday to prepare the way for the church leaders to oversee our Mission and Ministries. The scene was set for a good day with a time of worship and a talk and prayers led by Sam. God used this time to prepare our hearts and minds for the day ahead.

It was great to hear of the preparations for the launch for 2 ‘new’ missional communities (MC’s) – when I say ‘new’  these are groups which have been around for a while, but in light of our vision for Mission and Ministry, they have reviewed the way they do things. More information about The Net and Connect+ will be available soon on this website and elsewhere in the coming weeks. Ideas for 2 other MC’s are already in the pipeline and they will be considered over time and with reflection and prayer as we seek God’s guidance for the way ahead.

The new training manual for elders was introduced, with elders being asked to pray and consider which Missional Community or Ministry they feel called to oversee.

We are living in exciting times in the life of our church and your prayers for the leadership team would be valued.

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