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Introducing Connect Plus


Connect Rebranded

Elaine Rumney, the visionary behind Connect +, explains the background to the group and where, with God’s help, they hope to go…

The Connect group was originally started around five years ago by the minister, Sam Torrens, its purpose to allow a relaxed place for people new to our church to feel welcome and find ways to be more involved. It was intended to be something of a therapeutic community, combining varied activities with a short time of worship. With the help of a core group of interested people Connect has been running fortnightly since then.

However, recently it seemed that the group would like to be more purposeful and intentional in its focus. In the meantime, through attending a Huddle and being encouraged to look at what God is saying to me and what I might do about it, I became aware that for the last eight years or so my involvement with adults with a learning disability through work and music has given me much joy. Realising that this group do not always find a standard church service very easy to slot into and feel welcome, I started to wonder what to do about this, and  after much prayerful consultation and consideration, the idea of Connect + Missional Community emerged.

We plan to serve adults with extra needs through worshipping God together meaningfully and building friendships around shared social times. Meeting fortnightly on Tuesday evenings, we will begin with a time of calm activity, move into an accessible time of prayer and worship, and finish with a simple meal together. Occasionally we would like to host larger events, for example, a ceilidh, where BVC members could come and meet everyone. In time we could perhaps encourage this group to enter with confidence into the life of the Barclay Viewforth congregation. The core leadership team will meet together on alternate Tuesdays to have Bible Study, to pray and to plan the Connect + evenings. We anticipate that others will join us regularly to help host the worship evenings and other events, as the community grows. At the same time, we envisage others joining the core group as we become more established, and everyone will be encouraged to grow spiritually with us in a loving familial community.

We are excited about this new direction, and hope that you are too! Core team members include Elaine Rumney, Mairi Gordon, Marie Sneddon, Chris Hogan and Jean Macauley. We would very much value your prayers as we prepare to launch the group in October. Please speak to one of the team if you would like to find out more.

Elaine R.


If you can smile, chat, and make tea then you’re perfectly qualified to help us host one or two evenings of fellowship and worship for adults with extra needs. Please speak to Elaine Rumney, Marie Sneddon, Mairi Gordon or Chris Hogan if you would like to help with this new Missional Community.

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  1. The above article was written in 2014. Connect Plus is still going strong in 2019, and we always welcome new people, interested people, folks with a talent for making others feel welcome, and anyone else at all. Come and join us!



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