Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Interested in helping with the Children’s work?

You cannot fail to observe the large number of children worshipping at Barclay Viewforth. What a Blessing. We have an active Sunday  programme of classes throughout the year for our children  ranging from Creche to Next.

This year’s session is drawing to a close with presentations on Sunday 17th June and a small picnic for the children on the 29th during Communion. We will be losing some leaders next year and as always are very keen to welcome new ones to  our team. I know it can be scary volunteering for something you don’t know much about or what is expected of you but  if you are interested please speak to myself or one of the other leaders. Another opportunity to sample what is involved  is Summer Sunday School  which is running from 15 July to the end of August. There will be a sign up sheet in the Pillar Hall and an opportunity to help an established leader  and learn what is involved. Elaine Coull

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