Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

‘Harvesting’ our Community

TCP Prayer Walk

We enjoyed a great night with the TCP (Tollcross Community Pastors) Missional Community Family (and a few friends) last night. We gathered at 6.00 to enjoy great food, fellowship and amazing and uplifting worship. This was followed by a time of prayer – we prayed for Revival in our own lives – if we earnestly seek Christ’s Kingdom for ourselves how much more will we seek it for the people in our community?

Then we headed out in pairs to walk to each of the 5 churches (Central, Kings, Bruntsfield Evangelical, Elim and Centrepoint) involved with the Big Day Out last month. Some of the group stayed behind to pray with the Prayer Group. As well as praying for the churches we prayed for people and places en route. It’s amazing walking around our community, asking God to let you see things through His eyes.

  • We passed a number of estate agents – yet there are still many homeless folks in our city.
  • A few of the teams all reported that they had stopped at places of healing eg acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. and each team prayed for healing for the people in our community.
  • Another team paused at a denture clinic – and felt led to pray for our mouths, that we would all speak wisely and not be afraid of speaking of God’s Kingdom.
  • A van with “Trinity Factors” – the team prayed that we would be aware of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our community.
  • A shop called Heaven ?? – the rest was obscured by a ‘For Sale’ sign. Heaven For Sale – are people looking for Heaven in all the wrong places? Much prayer required here.
  • A kilt hire shop – so many folks go through these doors with hopes, dreams and expectations. We gave thanks for all who pass through there, but especially for the gift of marriage.
  • As we walked we prayed for the homes in our community. Behind closed doors there are people who are hurting/ill/depressed/lonely/sick/??. All need our prayers.
  • We all prayed for a reawakening, a revival in our community. We want to ‘Make God’s Love Known’ and pray that men, women and children would be able to walk in the Light

The teams returned to the office where we were able to share our experiences with the Prayer Group.

It became clear, as we shared stories, that God had gone before us so that our attention was drawn to places we would normally just walk by.

Our evening had started with grace, giving thanks for the food and the harvest that had produced it. At worship we looked at Matthew 9: The workers are few. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

This community is our harvest – lives are waiting to be harvested for the kingdom.

The evening ended with a picture during prayer of a golden scythe, glinting in the light of the sun, being held beside a field of wheat, gently swaying in the breeze, ready to be harvested. Join us in the ‘harvesting’ and in praying for REVIVAL for and in our communities.



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