Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Football: Cup Hopes Bleak After First Leg

Barclay Viewforth United 1 Charlotte Chapel 6

Another heavy defeat on Saturday morning has effectively ended Barclay interest in the Buckstone Roofing Cup half way through the tie.

Two early Chapel goals hurt the home side, although not without controversy. The first was a cruel ricochet and there were doubts over whether the second crossed the line. However, the Buckstone Roofing Cup is yet to introduce goal-line technology: the ref’s decision was final.

An excellent free kick from Jamie brought Barclay right back into it and at the close of the second half they were arguably the stronger side. This momentum carried on into the second period, and a searing run from Tommy ended with a terrific shot that struck the Chapel woodwork.

The host team ultimately failed to capitalise though, and soon Chapel pressure brought another ricocheted goal to make it 3-1.

At that stage, Barclay heads began to drop, and the floodgates opened. The remainder of the game saw few United opportunities. In contrast, Chapel were profligate with their chances in the latter stages, a number of them gilt edged.

Looking forward, there is another chance to head to Forthview Primary this coming Thursday. Training starts at 7pm and will last until 9pm. If you are able to make it on the evening please just come along, and that goes for any mates you have.

The address of Fortview Primary School Pilton Place, Muirhouse, Edinburgh EH4 4DF.

Next match: Saturday 24th October, second leg match against Charlotte Chapel at South Gyle.

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