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Filled to overflowing

A short reflection on Sunday’s sermon from Emma

A fact about me many of you may not know: I used to be a missionary. I first came to Edinburgh with Youth With A Mission to train with them, and during that time I felt called by God to move here permanently. I worked with YWAM for about 18 months before moving on to other things.

YWAM has a motto: To know God and make Him known.

This week’s sermon brought those words to mind, and in a way I hadn’t considered. It’s to know God and make Him known, not to make God known and know Him.

We are called first to know God, and then to make Him known.

Even as a missionary, I found the “making Him known” part intimidating. The idea of going out into the “non-Christian” world and sharing the gospel feels somewhere between difficult and impossible.

So let’s go back to that part about knowing God.

When I first met my (now) husband, my friends mocked me mercilessly! I was so besotted with this man I had met that I couldn’t help but think about him, talk about him and generally look soppy. There’s a few embarrassing photos that demonstrate exactly how ridiculous I was.

I had been filled to overflowing with love, and every time I went on a date, or picked up the phone, I was filled again with love and excitement.

I was a evangelical about my new relationship.

I didn’t have to try.

Often we can feel like sharing the gospel is something we have to work hard at, or force ourselves into. It can feel like we’re being asked to take some horrible tasting medicine or get a very unpleasant vaccine for the good of ourselves and others.

That is not what God is asking of us.

Sharing God’s love can be as inescapable and effortless as sharing that joy of a new romantic relationship.

Instead of pushing yourself into sharing awkward Facebook posts, or trying to shoehorn faith into every conversation, turn that energy towards God. Spend time with Him. Talk to Him. Come close to Him and deepen your love for Him.

Water pouring into a cupqwLet Him fill you up with His Spirit until you are overflowing.

Be honest. Be real. Don’t hide. Let your cup overflow.

It’s amazing how often God works His way into your words and actions when you let Him fill your life with His love.

Know God.

And you’ll make Him known.

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