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Easter Eggs on Kilimanjaro

Easter Eggs on Kilimanjaro

That sounds like the title for a book…perhaps sometime in the future. In the meantime The Barclay Viewforth members of the Vine Trust Tanzania Team are looking forward to spending Easter in and around Moshi, with Mount Kilimanjaro looking over us (if she’s not hiding in the clouds).

The BVC Team – Mhairi, Robin, Chris, Elaine and Ann (a first timer) will head to Edinburgh airport for 4am on Maundy Thursday. From there they will fly to Amsterdam and then a direct flight to Kilimanjaro (usually we have to go via Nairobi, which entails a wait for several hours….so this is ‘luxury’!) We’ll arrive at the Umoja Christian Hostel later that evening.

An orientation type day will follow, with a visit to the Kimashuku children’s homes (BVC folks have helped to build both of these) for their end of term celebrations. We’ll end the day with our own celebration as one of the team celebrates a significant birthday. We won’t be celebrating too much, or too late, as we start work early the next morning on the 2 family homes we will be building during our time in country.

On Easter Sunday – as BVC children (and adults!) roll their eggs down Blackford Hill before the main celebration at 11.00am, we will be taking part in an Easter Day celebration at Kimashuku Church….which will probably all be in swahili but at least the message is the same in any language, “Christ is Risen.” Later that day, hopefully after a skype in to the BVC church service, we will be rolling our eggs, probably at the Marangu Gate, where the walkers register to climb Kili. (We won’t be climbing, I hasten to add!) That, I’m sure, will be a little bit different, and no doubt cause a few laughs among the locals and other foreigners. If folks ask us what we’re doing we may be able to share something of Christ’s death and resurrection with them.

Raising a Roof (or two)

FORTUNATA MMASYIn last month’s magazine (March 2015) I shared the story of Isaac, an 8 year old boy who will be a recipient of one of the new homes. We learned this week about the family who will receive the 2nd home. We will be providing much needed accommodation for a widow, Fortunata, and her daughter Shukuru Mmasi who is 9 years old. They rely on neighbours for food and support.

As you might see from the photos, their current home is made from sticks, banana leaves and old clothes. Fortunata has a broken leg (unsure if this is recent or causing long-term disability).

Those of us who have been to Tanzania a few times know the real difference that can be made to a family if they have somewhere safe and secure which they can call home. Living and health standards are improved considerable, particularly if the family do not have to worry about the cold, the rain and the wind which seeps in through the holes which regularly appear in roofs and walls.

Prayer requests

please pray for:

  • Isaac and his family and Shukuru Mmasi and Fortunata, that the work being done would be a real blessing to them.
  • the time we will spend with both of these families, that language wouldn’t be a stumbling block to us making God’s love known in a real and practical way.
  • the health and safety of the team on worksites and in travel
  • the strengthening of relationships already established with ELCT (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania) and TAWREF (Tanzania Women’s Research Foundation)
  • Give thanks for the Vine Trust and the many volunteers who seek to make a difference to the lives of the lost, the last and the least.

Thank you….

The BVC folks would like to thank you all for your support of our fundraising ventures. The money you have helped us raise is going to make a huge difference to Fortunata and Shukuru, as well as to Isaac.

Yesu amerudi. Yesu amekuja tena

Jesus is returned. Jesus is come again

Happy Easter everyone.

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