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Don’t worry…

Dear Friends,
As I write this letter we have just gone through an emotional Easter Sunday service. Not only did we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection but we also celebrated the end of 14 years of Sam’s ministry at Barclay Viewforth Church. I hope that we were able to do justice to both. Sam’s departure leaves a big hole, not only in our ministry team, but also in our hearts.

Where next?
We’re told in Matthew 6:25-34, “Do not worry..” ( this passage was preached on at the start of our new series, “Thy Kingdom Come”on 28 April ). God does enough worrying for all of us! He will be the One who will see us through this next step in our journey. He may even encourage one or two of you to ‘step out of the boat’ and join us in helping to lead our services over the vacancy. Whatever happens the gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to be preached at BVC. There may be times that it will not reach the high standard that’s come to be expected at BVC, but we are all disciples on this journey and God will continue to teach and encourage us as we go.

It may be that ‘worrying about who the next minister might be’ is not high on your list of priorities at this time as you have other concerns which are causing you to worry: ill health; job situation; worry about family/friends in difficult situations; bereavement;… please know that you do not have to face these worries alone…
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

If you struggle to find the right words…God won’t worry about it. We should be like the child who runs home from school bursting to share with his/her parents all that’s happened that day, the good and bad. The words come tumbling out, incoherently at times, but the parent can make sense of them all…and so God does with our jumbled thoughts and words. God doesn’t care if our words come with scripted eloquence or mumblings from our hearts. Just being in communication with Him can make such a difference.

If you would like someone to pray for you – phone a friend! Or, let the ministry team know. We can sit down with you after a service, or at an arranged time during the week. We also still have the online prayer circle – you can write down your prayer request (anonymously if you wish) on the cards at the back of the church, and drop it into the Prayer Request box. This will be circulated to the people who have signed up to pray for others.

Let’s continue to pray for each other, those in our church family and those beyond it. Continue to pray for Sam and Minnie as they prepare to step out into the “mission field” across the city. Pray also that God will continue to guard and guide our footsteps though this vacancy.

We may not know, at this point, what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.

May we all be aware of God’s love and have a sense of His peace in the coming weeks.

Love and blessings

PS You would be very welcome to join the growing numbers at our monthly Prayer Breakfast in the Pillar Hall on Sunday 19 May at 09:30

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