Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Connect Plus

This week we were continuing the theme of listening to God. Starting with the big fish theme, we cut out and decorated fish, followed by a hilarious game of “flip the kipper”, suggested by Robin, one of our stand-ins. Calm was restored temporarily, until the improvised drama following the Bible reading resulted in a most realistic whale, opening and closing her mouth and patting her full tummy to order, to the accompaniment of wind and waves and frightened sailors.
Instead of the usual “newsround” over tea, we invited our guests to tell us what they liked about Connect Plus. Some of the comments were as follows:
“I love all of it – glad I came back.” “Learning things I have never heard about before”. “I like the ceilidh”. “I like praying and making friends”. “It is a safe and welcoming place”. “Company – keeps me in touch with people.” “New stories from the Bible, cake and company”. “Happy Family” “I like to hear everyone’s news around the table”. “All the smiling faces”.
We had asked Lewis to double as sound man in Chris’s absence, and he entered into everything with gusto, and even announced he would like to come back next time.
Next time we will be sad to say goodbye to Sarah Hogan, who has contributed her skills with kindness and generosity, always being full of good ideas and quick to notice if someone is not happy. We wish her well in her new home and new life.
Elaine Rumney

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