Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Connect Plus Three Months On

Last November, after months of discussion, consultation and planning, we opened our doors for the first time to a small group of members and a larger team of helpers from within our congregation.

Since then, we have been so blessed in many ways. As a core group we have experienced such a sense of growing together as a group, identifying our strengths and preferences. Each of us has benefited not only from our time spent together in study and preparation, but also from the joy that our members have brought to each session. It has been rewarding and satisfying to see our members develop in confidence and relax into full participation into all the activities on offer. We have discovered the need to be flexible in what we provide, and constantly to adapt as we go. We have learned from each other and from our members, and begun to see new abilities emerging in the group.

A further pleasure this term was the addition of two new members, bringing our total to five (almost up to the seven initially envisaged). We have been so grateful for all the encouragement and practical support we have received from the congregation, and for God’s gentle nudging to step out of our particular comfort zones as we are led onwards and upwards.

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