Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Connect Plus – An Advent Challenge

9 September 2015 – from Marie Sneddon

The gauntlet has been thrown down; a challenge has been issued and the folk of Connect Plus at Barclay Viewforth are planning to run with it.  In just ten days (Saturday 19th September) a carload of us will be going up to Dundee – Coldside Parish Church – to prepare for the challenge which is:

To teach a new verse of an Advent Hymn; “The Advent Ring” to our own congregation each week of Advent; accompanying the singing with British Sign Language.

   It sounds to me as daunting as a flashmob practice and hopefully as exciting. To become expert enough to be confident in leading congregational singing for that small time over the four weeks is the target. Imagine other congregations around Scotland singing and signing the same hymn as complete and inclusive praise to God. What a wonderful honour and opportunity to enable people to explore another facet of communicating God’s love.

Please pray

– for the 5 of us as we learn from Rosie Addis, the Deaf Development Worker of the Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland and look forward to finding a way of delivering the challenge in Sunday morning worship

– give thanks for our Kirk Session’s support and encouragement to Connect Plus

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