Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Connect Plus

At the Barclay Viewforth Learning Community in February, we had the idea of having our own mini version for Connect Plus, to spend time looking back, taking stock and planning ahead.
This month we put the idea into action. We crafted lots of happy faces (and a few sad ones just in case). Then we divided up the various sections of the Connect Plus evenings – craft, music, worship time, prayer time, food. We discussed how things have been going, and invited comments and suggestions as to what we could do differently, taking notes as things went along, and used the happy faces to vote on how people felt about the various activities.
Amid hilarity and some frivolity, a lot of good suggestions came out as everyone really thought about the group and how it works. Large print song books, a joint craft activity making a poster about Connect Plus, involving everyone more in readings and prayers, these were just a few of the great ideas people had. Many happy faces were placed on the white board; only one sad face emerged, with a comment about David’s acting talents, but this was taken in the spirit in which it was meant.
A little bit of dreaming was squeezed in at the end. We hope to involve as many folk as possible in a service to mark Ability Sunday in September this year. Watch this space.

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