Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Bereavement Support Programme

In October 2018 Barclay Viewforth will launch a new Bereavement Support Programme in the community. 2 teams of people have been trained by Rev Tom Gordon, an expert and writer in the field, to accompany groups of people on a 6 week journey after they have been bereaved. More information will be posted about this… Continue Reading Bereavement Support Programme

Connect Plus – An Advent Challenge

9 September 2015 – from Marie Sneddon The gauntlet has been thrown down; a challenge has been issued and the folk of Connect Plus at Barclay Viewforth are planning to run with it.  In just ten days (Saturday 19th September) a carload of us will be going up to Dundee – Coldside Parish Church –… Continue Reading Connect Plus – An Advent Challenge