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Days 1 & 2 – Edinburgh – Moshi, Tanzania

Jambo (Hello) from Moshi. Most of the team arrived at Kilimanjaro International Airport late last night. They looked a little weary but given that they had only had a few hours sleep the night before and had been travelling all day, that was hardly surprising. When you land at KIA you have to go through the process of visa application, landing card and fingerprinting before you even get into the baggage reclaim area….all you want to do is get out the door and meet the folks waiting to welcome you (they’re not allowed indie the terminal). I certainly felt like that when I arrived 24 hours before.

The team and all their luggage eventually made it outside where we gave them a warm welcome and directed them to the bus. Luggage was stowed on the roof before we stowed ourselves on seats inside. An hour later and after a short briefing we arrived at the Umoja Lutheran Hostel where the prospect of bed and sleep awaited all.

Sunday 6 July

The team were given the option of attending church at Kilimanjaro Church Medical Centre (KCMC) – this meant being ready to leave at 08:00 (another short night). 6 of the team managed to surface in time for this. We were able to meet up with another Vine Trust team, the school group from Hamilton College. We took part in an engaging service where the pastor challenged us all to ‘win should for the Lord’ (based on Roman 10:13-14). We were also challenged to write down the names of some people we wanted to actively pray for, praying that they would come to know Jesus. It certainly cause me to stop and think – we often pray for more people to come to faith, but how often do we actually pray for those involved in our lives to know Christ?

To accompany the preaching there was some amazing singing as more than 300 people raised their voices to worship God.

After church we joined the rest of the team back at the hostel for a team meeting – this focussed on getting to ono each other, health and safety and some do’s and don’ts while in the country. Most of all we want to respect the people we have come to work with and serve.

Before dinner we shared team devotions – looking at team building, particularly as we are a small team – the workers are few (Matthew 9:35-38) but we know that God will empower us to do the work we have been called to do.

Tomorrow the work begins in earnest. The team will head to the offices of TAWREF (Tanzanian Women’s Research Foundation, one of our partners) for a presentation on the work that they do, before we head out to start work on site. Having had a day of rest (in the main) the team are now eagerly anticipating the work they will do.

Please remember us in prayer:

  • Give thanks for the safe arrival of the team and the way the team is gelling so well.
  • Pray for the health and safety of all in the days ahead.
  • Pray that this whole experience would be one of shared stories and adventures as we seek to learn from our Tanzanian friends.
  • Pray that we would continue t make God’s love known in this amazingly practical way.

We, too, have been remembering our friends and family in prayer, giving thanks for your help and support and asking that God would protect you.

Mungu awabariki – God bless you.

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