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BVC Tanzania Team – Day 7


Day 7 – Tanzanians carry umbrellas too!

Believe it or not we had torrential rain overnight, so it was with slight amusement that we saw Tanzanians carry umbrellas today. The funny thing was that I heard that Edinburgh has been baking in a heatwave!

Guest blogger for today is Robin Anderson.

Today is Friday 11th of July. The only reason I know this, is my watch tells me so. Time has become a bit of a blur. Days are blending into each other. This morning the team were quieter than usual as we arrived for breakfast. There was a new addition to the breakfast menu. “Stew”! It did not surprise me as much as it would have a few days ago. I am becoming used to Tanzania. I had a hard boiled egg (they appear in all our packed lunches), pancake, bread & jam of unidentifiable flavour. Everyone was tired and conversation turned to the previous night. It had been a noisy night. It had rained twice, and the Iman had been in good voice. Folk slowly came to as they nursed their milky tea and coffee. The day’s plans were discussed. These can change change frequently. As three of the young members were away on safari, rather than two smaller teams we all joined into one team. We have been working on two small houses. The names of the locations of the sites escaped us in our dozy state. We identified them by their surroundings. “So we were going back to the “banana house” not the “maize house” then?” 

We arrived at “banana house”. Bibi (Granny) Kabisha had just served bowls of some sort of porridge to the “fundis” (workmen). She lived in a rickety hut in the clearing in the banana plantation. She gazed out at the walls rising up a few feet in front of her dilapidated doorway. We had helped clear the site and dug foundations a couple of days earlier. It was great to see the progress. Today’s job was to transport a large pile of big bricks from the side of the road at the top of the hill down the path through the banana trees to the clearing. The team got to the task quickly and with enthusiasm. We were supplemented by some of the fundis and lots of children that appeared from nowhere. Bricks done, we moved on to buckets of sand then water. We were like ants busying back and forward down the lines. Later we observed real ants doing the same, some of the team were bitten by them.

When we were finished for the day we were driven back to the hostel. The roads are full of pot holes and speed bumps. We rattled around like bottles in a crate of a milk float along an Edinburgh cobbled street. Back to the hostel for a shower, some but not all had a hot one. It has been a good day.

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  1. Lovely to hear what you are all doing and have a wee insight into what life is like for you there. ( Loved the descriptions Robin). Well done to you all and good luck with the last


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