Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Blankets for Bethany!

The Bethany Care Shelter is facing higher than usual demand this year – accommodating up to their capacity of 45 homeless people per night on most nights since starting in October. They need your old blankets and sleeping bags. Cameron Black, Care Shelter Co-ordinator writes:

“One result of having such high numbers is that we have been going through our blankets too quickly. Do you have any blankets at home that you would like to donate? We could really use them. We don’t use duvets or other bedding. If you do have blankets that you don’t mind giving to this cause please could you drop them off, marked for the Care Shelter, to our warehouse at 40 Jane Street, EH6 5HD between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday? Another thing that we could make use of would be sleeping bags. We are thinking to keep these to give out in emergency when we are having to turn people away so at very least they might be able to get warm. Do you have sleeping bags that you are not using?”

Thank you to all who responded to my appeal at the morning service yesterday. Clear out that pile of old blankets you never use any more – do yourself and the rough-sleepers of Edinburgh a favour!

Bethany Care Shelter

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