Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Afternoon Fellowship

(posted on behalf of Lorna Gentleman). After our forays to the Golf Tavern for our annual Christmas and Burns’ Lunches, February found us back in the Pillar Hall welcoming Michelle from the Blythswood Trust, founded in 1966. To most of us, the Trust means shoeboxes but we found out this is just one of the… Continue Reading Afternoon Fellowship

Time for reflection

A very special Armistice Centenary remembrance service last Sunday. There was respect for sacrifices made balanced with a re-commitment to the work of reconciliation that Jesus called us to share with Him, following His example of reaching out across barriers of ethnicity, religion, social standing and so on. It included time for reflection, listening to… Continue Reading Time for reflection

A Good Read

   I’ve hardly spent anything on books since discovering a real treasure trove of free Amazon Kindle ebooks by George MacDonald, who has become my favourite author. I’m in good company – he was a major influence on C.S.Lewis of ‘Narnia stories’ fame (another favourite author) as well as Lewis Carroll and others. He was… Continue Reading A Good Read

Blankets for Bethany!

The Bethany Care Shelter is facing higher than usual demand this year – accommodating up to their capacity of 45 homeless people per night on most nights since starting in October. They need your old blankets and sleeping bags. Cameron Black, Care Shelter Co-ordinator writes: “One result of having such high numbers is that we have… Continue Reading Blankets for Bethany!

Taste Update

Laura Goswami writes: Taste, Barclay Viewforth’s missional community for students, is currently going through a period of change.  We had a swap-over of leadership back in September and we’re trying to find how best to work out the up-in-out cycle of missional communities as students.  We haven’t quite got this sorted yet but what we’re… Continue Reading Taste Update

Journey out of the comfort zone

It’s Tuesday, the phone rings, a familiar voice, welcome relief from the pesky automated sales calls, “How about coming along to the Tree House Cafe tomorrow tea time for a get-together with the Tollcross shopkeepers?” “O.K. Elaine” I say, once I realise I’ve no good reason not to and in fact should have volunteered, considering… Continue Reading Journey out of the comfort zone