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An Interfaith Service for Peace

 An Interfaith Service for Peace
On Sunday Marie (who is French) and her husband, Alan were invited to a special service for peace. 

A service was held by the French Consul exactly one month after the terrorist attacks in Paris.
The service took place in St Patrick’s Church in Edinburgh and was attended by people from all faiths. The common bond was a desire for world peace.
Each religion was represented by few short words sometimes a prayer and sometimes a short musical piece and the words “Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe”
Then we all went into the reception area where we all had  tea, coffee and home made cakes. This gave everyone the opportunity to talk to each other exchange our sympathies and views on life.
I thought to myself this great bringing together of peoples and their cultures  would never have happened if those people  who had committed such terrible acts had not done so, and I am sure this human reaction was not in their minds as they planned their awful deeds. Which just shows how the hate in their hearts blinds them to the joy of human existence.

Alan & Marie Renfrew

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