Barclay Viewforth Church congregation on Blackford Hill

Afternoon Fellowship

(posted on behalf of Lorna Gentleman).

After our forays to the Golf Tavern for our annual Christmas and Burns’ Lunches, February found us back in the Pillar Hall welcoming Michelle from the Blythswood Trust, founded in 1966. To most of us, the Trust means shoeboxes but we found out this is just one of the ways the Trust is involved both in Scotland e.g. Food Banks and in many different countries all over the World.

Based on Christian values, it combines spreading the Christian message with practical projects that provide relief, education and development projects. Its shops throughout Scotland help raise funds for its many projects. Seeing the conditions that are found not just in Third World Countries but in Europe we must give thanks for organisations such as the Blythswood and their many volunteers and supporters.

For our next meeting on Tuesday 5th. March at 2.00p.m. everyone will bring something that is very meaningful to them, and share their story with the others at their table.

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