Here at Barclay Viewforth, our Link magazine provides a monthly update on the life of the congregation. You can read the latest issue as a pdf, or scroll down for back copies. Hard copies are also available in the Pillar Hall to pick up on a Sunday.

Click on the link to view the relevant magazine, or right-click and choose ‘Save File As’ to download it. You may need Adobe Reader (or equivalent) to view PDF files.

Contributing to the magazine

If you are interested in contributing to the magazine, copy should be emailed to by the listed deadline. Articles for inclusion should ideally be less than 400 words.

As of March 2020, most church activities are suspended due to COVID-19. Therefore, the remaining publication dates for 2020 are:

MonthDeadline for ArticlesPublication Date
AugustTue, 21 July 2020Sun, 2 August 2020
OctoberTue, 22 September 2020Sun, 4 October 2020
DecemberTue, 17 November 2020Sun, 29 November 2020


June 2020 Link Magazine (PDF)

No magazine was published in April or May due to the Coronavirus pandemic

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