The Building

The church is first and foremost not bricks and mortar, but men and women who worship God, confess Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord and seek to serve Him in daily life through mission and discipleship.

That aside, we are privileged to be able to worship in this amazing building, designed by Pilkington. This year (2014) the Barclay Church (Viewforth united with us in 2009) celebrates 150 years since the building was opened for preaching the gospel to the Tollcross area. The church was named after Miss Mary Barclay, whose £10,000 bequest paid for the building. Some special events are being held to mark this anniversary; see What’s On? for more details.

Unfortunately we do not have the staff to keep the main building open to visitors, but you are invited to join us before or after our Sunday services at 11:00 and 18:30, when someone will be available to give you a quick tour. Why not join us for worship too – then you might get a real feel for the building.

Read the Architectural guide to Barclay Viewforth church (-including some of its history too)

Barclay Viewforth church building tour notes by Stewart Tod, former Property Convener

Barclay Viewforth fact sheet – a 2-sided A5 summary of the  building’s history and features