The ministry team in the Meadows park near Barclay Viewforth Church

Meet the Ministry Team

Ministry team member Reverend Sam Torrens 

Rev Sam Torrens


Sam was called to Barclay Church in May 2005, having previously ministered in the north of Scotland. He is in the process of steering Barclay Viewforth Church through many changes as we seek to make God’s love known and relevant to people today.

Sam is passionate about the gospel and… football! When he is not proclaiming the merits of one, he can be found yelling about the merits of the other (you can work out which way round they come!) He also has a heart for working with people on the fringes of society (the lost, the last and the least) and is keen to develop a therapeutic service for those in need.

Sam is married to Minnie (who keeps him grounded), and they have 3 teenage children.

Profile picture of Iain Sutherland

Iain Sutherland

Mission Facilitator

In September we were delighted to be joined by Rev Iain Sutherland as our new Mission Facilitator. Iain brings a wealth of experience to this role thanks to his training in 3DM and Huddles, as well as 20 years as a parish minister. When asked about his ‘passion in life’ Iain shared, “Honouring and obeying God out of love and thanksgiving is my passion in life.

This is done primarily now in discipling. By following Jesus’ life example of ministry discipling others (culminating in His great commission), I seek to live a Christ like life that is worthy of imitation by others and hope to see many begin to follow King Jesus. He builds His church as we fulfil the Great Commission with the Holy Spirit’s help and so the Kingdom of God advances.”

Iain is supported in his ministry by his wife, Heather and two children, Grace and John.

Ministry team member Elaine

Elaine Hogan

Pastoral Associate

As part of the Ministry Team at BVC, Elaine has fulfilled many roles: administration; Church Centre Manager; facilitator; friend and a child of God who lives to serve others. More recently Elaine has stepped into the role of Pastoral Associate, which provides opportunities to serve the Church Family and those beyond the walls of the church, particularly those in need. Elaine is looking forward to the new challenges which this role will bring, but knows that God will be her strength and her guide.

As well as having a heart to serve others in the local community through being part of the leadership team of TCP (Tollcross Community Pastors), Elaine also enjoys being involved in the work of the Vine Trust and leading teams overseas to Peru and Tanzania, helping to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children.

Elaine is married to Chris (who is the Church Officer) with 2 grown up children and 2 grandchildren playing active roles in the background.