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A Good Read

   I’ve hardly spent anything on books since discovering a real treasure trove of free Amazon Kindle ebooks by George MacDonald, who has become my favourite author. I’m in good company – he was a major influence on C.S.Lewis of ‘Narnia stories’ fame (another favourite author) as well as Lewis Carroll and others. He was… Continue Reading A Good Read

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Laboratory of Love

Laboratory of love. One of my favourite descriptions of the church, picked up from our previous Minister, Graham Leitch. I was on the receiving end of it in action on Sunday evening. I’d been let loose on the sound desk for the evening service. I’d had quite a few weeks of expert instruction from Moray… Continue Reading Laboratory of Love

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Taste Update

Laura Goswami writes: Taste, Barclay Viewforth’s missional community for students, is currently going through a period of change.  We had a swap-over of leadership back in September and we’re trying to find how best to work out the up-in-out cycle of missional communities as students.  We haven’t quite got this sorted yet but what we’re… Continue Reading Taste Update

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‘Have you forgotten yet?’ asks Siegfried Sassoon in a poem read by the Cubs and Scouts of 100th Pentland. Their short sketch within our morning service on Remembrance Sunday (10th November) helped us to remember those who gave their lives in wartime, on the home front as well as in the trenches and battlefields. Listen… Continue Reading Remember

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Jesus wept!

The situation is becoming a more familiar one.  I was visiting friends, a couple and had just sat down when one of them asked “have you heard our bad news?” She went on to tell me about a close relative, just 24, who had died very suddenly and unexpectedly. It didn’t take much imagination to… Continue Reading Jesus wept!

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